the human game

Max Aspinall  

Since the beginning of a human presence on this planet, Man has diverse range of threats; from predators and war and these threats increasing in times of famine and receding in times of plenty. The availability of food is Man’s greatest fear.

We could never have visualised the greatest threat to us would come from the very people who today claim to have the interests of humanity at heart - the global food and pharmaceutical industries. These industries have worked together to hijack our senses and trick us into believing their chemically enhanced products we now think of as food and medicine are good for us.

Today most farmers are unable to farm as they once did. Natural chemicals in the soils have been replaced with synthetic imposters causing escalating man- made disasters ranging from droughts, to crop failures, to higher incidences of grazing animal diseases to global epidemics of human diseases. All can now be linked to man-made chemicals in our food chain.

We have allowed ourselves to become the focus of a carefully cultivated world- wide experiment, fronted by multinational food industries but orchestrated by a global financial elite. The purpose? To control the world’s population through decreasing the health and longevity of people on this planet using fever and sickness.

It should, therefore, come as no surprise that we are dying in increasing numbers - younger than our parents, and the rise in anti-social behaviours plus the myriad of disorders being diagnosed in children now is an increasing concern for the future. With the smorgasbord of deadly health, infertility and developmental issues currently escalating, the future of human life is under threat.

The game of life has changed. The global financial elites are the new predators. We have all become part of The Human Game Project.

This book begins the process of finding our way out of this chemical maze.


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