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PAIN. Just no way to begin our dayPosted on 19/07/2016

by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner

There is no amount of advertising of drugs and vaccines going on to help us deal with pain.

Pain is a strange ‘sickness’. It often starts suddenly, it’s often a result of some other event we are told, but usually it is something we have completely missed, hence the pain. But we are seldom told the truth about most things now, not because doctors tell us lies, they simply don’t know and like many things they are not taught about the causes of pain or disease apart from how to start pain occurring. Today their education is all about how to kill things that strike us down without having to learn about why these non-mysteries occur. Strangely the same people who create these issues are the same people we are required to trust to resolve the causes. So the investigative process is shonky and corrupt from the very start.

Recently the Police knocked on our door on a dark Sunday evening. It turned out after some cautious discussion that they would have been seeking our neighbour. His wife, still relatively young, who had studiously and carefully maintained appalling health was forced to become readmitted into hospital where a few weeks earlier she had had a heart valve operation. Her pain before the operation was appalling and since the ‘op’ was, as is often the case, worse.

After a day or 2 and using all their hospital’s spaceman medical technology they couldn’t work out what was the matter and having run out of their restricted range of options decided to ‘open her up’ again. It appears all the doctors got it wrong. The moment the incision went in to ‘open her up’ again out of the opening flooding the operating area came a toxic stinking black coloured sludge. Apparently one of the new mechanical valves or tubes that had been inserted earlier was twisted around the oesophagus causing food to not be able to access the stomach.

The police had been alerted by a young doctor who was unhappy with the process and obviously had not yet reached the level of full medical indoctrination and the police were now wanting to obtain permission to conduct a post-mortem. That was refused and the police returned a few hours later, this time not asking. The post-mortem was going to take place, I believe ordered by the Coroner, and soon we may read there is a police prosecution to follow.

We hear time and again how people are repeatedly medicated to the point where their bodies eventually break through the intolerable pain barrier. Then pain medication followed with more pain medication and eventually surgery following which the pain may become duller but not always. The drugs keep on being stuffed down the throat to reduce or take away the pain and side effects mount, eventually these cause a greater range of drugs being prescribed to deal with the increasing list of toxic reactions. What happens is what was diagnosed and what treatments are being prescribed are all basic mistakes and we seem to be obsessed with fixing mistakes with more mistakes rather than stopping doing what was causing pain in the first place. Pain in the human body is unnatural. Non-naturally occurring food chemicals and the human body are to some degree or another always incompatible. There is no such thing as ‘safe levels’ of any chemicals or toxins.

Recently I was listening to an in-depth radio interview with a so called Alzheimers researcher. An expert who has been writing books and is a university lecturer on this condition. The interviewer was knowledgable, probing and throughly researched. The talk was all centred on the infancy of their research and discussed at length was the role of this part and that part of the brain. They discussed how this connection and that connection connected to this and that part and produced or failed to produce this or that connection. The physiology and anatomy of the scientific terms punctuated the discussion in a way that would make anyone’s head spin. And all this serious technical linear scientific gobbledegook was complete bullshit. Science today doesn’t even admit what causes Alzheimers because they don’t know even this basic information and the interviewee admitted during the interview that their science doesn’t know scientifically what causes Alzheimers. Yet the causes are known. And he both teaches and writes the text books!

Not only does science refuse to recognise and deal with causes, medical science continues with their feeble and ridiculous proposition that our so called ageing population is the primary cause of Alzheimers and that we have to find drugs to reduce the ‘effects’ of ageing to deal with this phoney baloney.

With this sort of pure science waffle pervading the western knowledge base there is no chance that medical science will ever ‘cure’ Alzheimers last century, this century or next century. And as long as the fornicating Governments of the western world continue supporting medical science bullshit the population in general have increasingly less and less chance of avoiding ‘contracting’ this money making scam called Alzheimers.

The researcher being interviewed was claiming another 1.1 billion dollars for their research needs. This was the primary reason for the interview and the world wide travel of the interviewee to drum up support for the funds wanted. Normally a 1.1 billion dollar scam gets noticed fairly quickly. The exception though is medical scams. They just go on and on and there is no stopping the government sponsored stupidity of mankind when it comes to these types of demands on the public purse.

What is even more disgusting is that science researchers know they are scamming the peoples of the world. But they continue with the scam as it provides them with work and funds to research problems the answers to which are already known and understood. Yes, we know how to live without Alzheimers. These research projects though are really good jobs for life, accolades, pHD’s and Nobel Prizes and world wide recognition. They publish papers and books that teach and bury the causes deeper in a mire of mystery and fantasy. This ensures the riddle of Alzheimers and other medical scams such as cancers, asthma, diabetes and the rest of the endless list along with almost every psychotic condition remains a bottomless well churning out money that will continue until the western world runs out of money or wakes up and just stops all this scamming research which would in time lead to these conditions just disappearing on their own unless these science research experiments don’t totally corrupt life on Planet Earth for all time.

Our bodies are completely seperate naturally self adjusting living organisms that function as a connected part of every other living organism on the planet. We are all connected, not just to each other but to every living thing including a large and supreme living organism which powers every other living organism that comes in contact with it; Planet Earth.

Our body’s health both mental and physical is controlled by bacteria and our bacteria is held in balance with supporting bacteria and viruses. Our own bacteria number at least 10 times the number of physical cells (partly matter) that make up our physical parts and human appearance. All bacteria on the planet are connected with each other and form quorums that sense changes and report these changes to each other across the planet using the elements in the atmosphere that make up water molecules, oxygen and hydrogen. These are maintained by Planet Earth for this purpose, by plants, algae and fungi and they also provide these for our benefit and equally for the benefit of all other living things.

Interestingly there was originally 108 minerals in the periodic table available on Earth and the human body contained and required some balance and level of each these 108 elements. In fact each of these 108 elements related to, and controlled the levels of function within our bodies that were represented by the 108 human ‘desires’ such as love, hate, anger, calmness, jealousy and disease states and so forth. According to Buddhist teachings? When the toxic elements become predominant in our bodies they cause anti-social and poor health outcomes. Nothing yet has changed over 1,000’s of years of mankind. Toxins remain the sole cause of ‘anti-social’ and poor wellness outcomes.

We know that our bodies naturally recover from any condition from which any particular person would recover from no matter what they do. So we can of course just wait for any negative ‘condition’ to turn away naturally or we can take some additional steps such as changing our life that will enhance the recovery and speed things up. By us turning away from the causes results in the condition not repeating itself. This way in the end, we get to die in peace and without pain at the natural end of our life.

We can of course go to a doctor for a drug treatment which is like throwing a chemical bomb into our bodies. Yet our recovery from any condition happens in the same manner as if we do something seriously wrong against others and are punished. If the pain of our punishment is great enough we make amens and refrain from such foolish activity ever again. Of course if we keep on and enjoy doing what we get punished for and in turn continue to receive punishment, we eventually go away somewhere where we will no longer be punished or we attack and defeat the person punishing us. But in doing that we loose our humanity bit by bit and learn only negative traits that in the end shorten our life and enjoyment and corrupt society.

Our bodies comprise of a huge range of cells and each cell is a fully self organising unit and they react the same way as we do. We punish our body’s cells and bacteria with chemicals, drugs etc and as the cells slowly become degraded by this behaviour they fail, produce side effects or simply age us faster to ensure we die sooner rather than later. Hence chemicals in our food and our medicines and other products painfully kill us off before our natural time and in the process along that road they cause our cells to create pain, their pain, which we treat with additional drugs and that escalates our long term problems. That sort of behaviour is usually referred to as ignorance. We punish our body and the body fights back. Nasty miserable people are nasty and miserable to themselves and their body doesn’t want them to be loved or have friends. Without love and without friends the spirit dies and so the body soon follows.

We cannot take any so called medical treatment, drug, vaccine or device without our cells storing up ‘hate’ which they will at some point in our life unleash on our person as side effects, disease, early death or progressive pain, along with numerous mental anguishes. These are all, yes all, caused by pharmaceuticals and of course chemicals in and on our food, land, water and air. But our bodies are created to forgive. If we show our body love and gratitude and change our ways we will mostly be forgiven by our cells for the occasional mistakes we make when we are desperate and reach out.

Other unseen causes of this criminal use of chemicals is that often when they are released into our environment they join together and from time to time create new, previously unknown, crystals which become the bases of new toxic minerals. These new minerals that have not been previously available on Planet Earth because ‘life’ never required them, once they have been created here are then attracted in their pure form to Planet Earth, becoming collected from the supernovas and they begin to gather here for our supposed ‘newly created’ flawed un-human scientific benefit. So now we have all our bodies not just the medicated bodies accepting new mineral compounds which will produce new, and we pretend unknown, outcomes of personality and disease in the population. These personality and disease issues that we see that have developed in the middle east where the US detonated their chemical weapons and in the US. Those WMD’s that they claim they didn’t find, yet did so, and exploded them and also they are continuing to be used in Syria. No doubt these new to Planet Earth minerals have given rise to such behaviours as are those we are now experiencing in ISIS and these random acts of madness and brutality are breaking out all across western countries and are directly proportional to the use and over use of medications, both legal and illegal. These are the primary cause of the unnecessary madness, violence and modern diseases that are increasingly invading all societies.

Pain is an escalator which starts with our poorly produced food. From there it is managed for the purposes of making money and controlling life span by corporate government initiatives. Pain is personal, so those experiencing pain should just stop doing it. Medical advice as to how to do so, is not available. Doctors by their teachings are not skilled enough and governments have ensured the chemical makers have a free run in our culture by legitimising these scams that are turning people mad and dying in pain by the time they are 80 because that is how society is mathematically and politically programmed to function. It works economically, now but for how much longer?

There are many eminent scientists today knowledgeably discussing these matters. But their findings and voices are drowned out by the powerful commercial PR influences that are making money from shonky science and they control the thinking processes of governments and government lackeys. The Money Changers have taken over the temple which is the human body and humanity and they allow only the Money Changes shonky philosophies to be seen or heard. And as they are the sole cause of Climate Change their prognosis's and their solutions are only aimed at what solutions continue these short term lucrative money spinners.

Climate Change is the ultimate war. It is the total war on humanity being waged only by science and will allow the complete domination of all land through offering science solutions that are simply cynical and bankrupt and aimed at a single world order. One in which only their evil ideas will survive. Survive in what context is not known but what survives, their science will own. Human life and possibly the life of all other living things by then will have the guts ripped out of the fabric of humanity and life by the end.

These science ‘experts’ think they are God. Yes they are working and playing at being God.

But God they are not.

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