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PAIN. We're paying all the wayPosted on 11/07/2016

by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner

Treatment - Surgery - Implants - Pain Management - Pray. The modern medical escalator of failure mounted on the back failure. Eventually all any of us have left to do is just pray the pain will go away.

Treatment - Surgery - Implants - Pain Management - Pray.  The modern medical escalator of failure mounted on the back failure.  Eventually all any of us have left to do is just pray the pain will go away.  

The recent publicity regarding the use of surgical net for procedures used in treating prolapse conditions is enough to make any rational thinking person shudder and question the sense of it all. 

The old trick of wearing a surgical stocking to hold a swollen or lymph lazy leg in shape is a poor solution to the issue that it is designed to maintain.  Using the same 20th century technological mindset as a surgical stocking approach to an internal body prolapse by inserting surgical mesh is bordering on shear lunacy.  If doctors in this day and age can’t come up with a better idea, their clients should be looking elsewhere for help.  Because having to live the rest of a life in pain is unnecessary in the 21st Century. 

Having to use pain dulling medications because doctors don't have any other ‘tools’ is also brainless.  There are solutions out in the real world and hundreds of ways to avoid situations of pain even starting, that’s if people can be bothered looking around.

When our bodies fail to recover from the modern lifestyles we all like to follow, we gradually inch our way onto a slippery slope that stealthily takes us increasingly into painful and usually life threatening places.  When we arrive at this destination we then ask for help and what we get is treatment, and as treatment addresses outcomes and not causes which we haven’t bothered to do so either, we eventually get surgery to the site of the pain and we still fail to address the causes.  Following surgery comes a new pain.  Now it’s a pain we can never get rid of until we are finally at peace and in a box.

Every one of these ‘treated’ conditions, tight tendons, bone spurs, heart conditions, diabetes, cancers, head aches, arthritic conditions, sore backs, general aches and pains, stomach pain, digestive tract bleeding and so on can be cured / stopped from occurring permanently.  The list is substantial and each little or large niggle or chronic pain is caused through only:

  • Poor food intake
  • Poor posture
  • Poor lifestyle
  • Lack of mild exercise or an excess of exercise.
  • Cynical, professional and scientific lifestyle advice. 

The only other cause is an injury accident and the treatments that arise from that.  The treatments for these conditions today are the primary cause of social and relationship fracturing, self harm and violence along with most mental disorders.  And the only thing we won’t give up even when the pain forces us to seek medical help is the cause or causes of the pain.  These build as we age.  Yet ageing is never the problem and never the cause. 

The problems are not just what we continue doing, but often what it is we are not doing.  That can be simply just our not asking the people selling us our food:

“Where did this food come from and who grew it?” 

Putting food in our mouths without this most basic of information is a life threatening event and everyone does it.  Reading a label on a packet or not reading the label is a step into unseen endangerment.  The fact that the ‘product’ has a label or has in some way been packaged is a clear warning sign to consume that product very seldom or not at all.

Comfort or lifestyle drugs either over the counter or more severe drugs that require prescription are all inherently dangerous.  The drugs are usually fine only if they are a temporary measure while we put our life in order and start eating proper food and addressing the other aspects of our life and relationships.  Mostly though we just take the drugs because that frees us, allowing us to keep on keeping on.

Most of us just want is to be fit and well.  In such case why is everyone over 50, if they make it to 50, expected BY LEGISLATION to be taking handfuls of lifestyle dumbing drugs daily?  This is supposed to be the 21st Century where we are all supposed to be educated, but we’re educated not to think, just educated to follow instructions, cynical though they may be.

Everyone who walks through my clinic door it turns out has been eating poor quality but perfect looking food and mostly it is badly prepared.  All have been endangered or have been endangering themselves from very early childhood with chemical cocktails, contained in their ‘perfect’ food, drugs and safe vaccines instead of mostly decent food and this almost always under the advice and direction of their doctor(s) and medical dogma. This leads inevitably to a reduction in their life-force production known as the body’s action potential.  Over time this leads inevitably to issues with the failure of our vibrancy.  When we treat these failures with more drugs, eventually finishing up under a surgeons knife having bits that won’t now work cut out or replaced with bits of manufactured hardware or bits taken from another animal, person or grown in test tube, that will never and can never successfully work.  It is simply scientifically, technically and biblically not possible for these added in ‘bits’ to ever be compatible with our own body.  And medical science know this absolutely.

In truth medicine has little to do with making or keeping people fit and well.  There is no money to be made in doing so.  Medical advice about food, diet and lifestyle has NEVER yet proved anything other than short term respite.  Why are doctors not trained in understanding truly intelligent food and lifestyle choices?  It is because the cost of them making their clients fit and well for a full whole life would be to not have any future income or prospects.  On top of this, educating us about these life choices are not part of medical training, as providing such advice would defy current medical science and dogma.  A science that has to be doctored to benefit and fit the toxic food we are supplied with.  It also fills university programmes with an absolute right to make money by ensuring the food industry science is compatible with the medical science that increasingly causes our food and medicines to be the most dangerous things on the planet since time began, each ratcheting up the toxicity of their products in response to each other groups experimental ‘science’. 

More disappointingly, we have known forever spiritually and now proven scientifically that every one of the approximately 10 trillion cells that make up the human body and the 100 plus trillion bacterial cells that protect and select how each of our cells remain as healthy as is possible, do so according only to:

  • The quality and locality of the food we eat.
  • The purity of the water we drink
  • The cleanliness of the air we breathe
  • The love and gratitude with which we live and include in our lives
  • What we use to clean ourselves, our homes, clothes and ‘possessions’ with.

These elements intertwined with our supporting bacterial cells and our physical cells provide the environment in which each of our cells function and supply all the information that determines at what level of effectiveness and health each of our 10 trillion physical cells function at, and remain functional. 

Our physical and mental health is the embodiment and expression of this environment, and medicine only ever treats our physical cells that we have environmentally failed.  The failed cells seldom die due to this environment.  They go into recess and when becoming expired, the recessed cells become replaced with a new copy of the recessed cell which is so weak in terms of its action potential it can be adopted by viral and foreign chemical predator elements which then seeks to enforce a supportive toxic environment and so disease or illness becomes self perpetuating. 

When our cells finally die without having reproduced, so do we.  But when our expired old cells that have reproduced cannot die as programmed the toxic (acidic) environment we have personally created within ourselves actually keeps them alive and they can again reproduce as free radicals.   An acidic environment can be eliminated with high levels of vitamin C.  An acidic environment within our body is not signalling and sustaining natural life cycles of birth, reproduction and death.  When our old expired cells don’t die and remain in the body, we have developed cancer.  Doctors then have to wait until the cancer grows into a tumour before being able to detect it and before they can treat it.  This is based on the paradigm of only offering treatment and never addressing causes.  Today the body’s failing cellular action potential is now simply able to be detected years before any tumour can start growing.  The most effective and what is a completely non-invasive way of doing so is with Quantum Reflex Analysis which can pick up the issue occurring the day it starts.  Not 20 years down the track when a tumour has finally formed.

These elements which make up the human body’s environment are:

  • Our supporting bacteria which all rely on their natural nutrition to be available from our food for them to form Quorum Sensing groups that work together shutting out viruses and foreign elements from becoming established in our bodies.
  • Our blood and other intercellular fluids that require quality water
  • The clothes we wear and sleep in
  • The air around us
  • The sensory and spiritual atmosphere created by what and who we have surrounded ourselves with.

These together provide the food (the information) that instruct our cells how to function, not just daily or when we are doing ‘stuff’.  Every cell in our body interacts with every other cell including all the bacterial cells billions of times every millisecond we are alive.  Every time any part of our environment changes, the instructions (the information, the nutritional balance) of the each cell’s function alters to accommodate those trillions of bits of ‘information’ that are occurring as the cells adapt to the changes in their environment as those changes occur, keeping us alive in the moment and from moment to moment.  These informational changes to cells are instantly transmitted to all other cells through our bodies using vibrational sine waves in water - The water that makes up the large portion of our body mass.  These informational waves oscillate in every direction simultaneously.  These changes can also be detected by other tuned-in people and households pets.

Our thoughts, our passions and hates, night and day all effect the quality and structure of the water and the quality and structure of the water in our bodies determines the volume, tenor, amplitude and the ability of the chemical nutrients to move around our body for our cells to access.  The value of the cells action potential also determines how well our body is able to hold all its cells together as parts of a human shape.  Our water quality also determines the ability of our body to eliminate waste and toxins in a timely and healthy manner ensuring causes of pain are eliminated on time.  It is not the volume of water that counts, it is the quality of the water that matters for our health and to be pain free.  The quality of the water is effected by every physical, psychological and spiritual environmental element we add into our lives.

Cellular selection of which ‘food’ information is needed and available uses complementing vibrational sine-waves to recognise what is compatible and what is not in any particular instant of time.  Every living element on the planet has a supple vibrational signal that is gentle and harmonising with every other living element in nature.  They wax and wan as they live, reproduce and die and as they are offered and as they are used or rejected.  Every time a cell reaches for and uses any nutritional elements, the cell reconfigures the cell’s functional output to suit the vibrational power and information at that exact moment of the nutritional absorption.  The cell never  again sees and is never again faced with exactly the same environment signals ever, that it faces at any given moment in time.  Our health and wellness occurs and grows and changes with every millisecond we are alive.  That is how we grow, how we retain natural good health and healthy mental wellbeing.  We are neither binary or lineal, mechanical or computer.  We are completely living only in the moment and that moment can never again be repeated and we can never go back and start again. 

“All that we do wrong we must extinguish from our present which will then determine our future.”

This makes growing up and growing old, final.  Becoming sick or debilitated is mostly repairable providing the environment that is causing any particular condition to cause our cells to falter, is adjusted to what is natural at any particular moment.  The moment any actual part of our body is removed or replaced by some foreign or manufactured ‘product’ the body ceases to ever properly function again.  The nutrition levels never again can be restored and the bacteria that keep that part of the body alive, fail and die away.  Replacing tubes, installing surgical mesh and removing body parts is a process of doctors playing at being God.  Yet they are not.

When they do, the result is always increased pain and suffering and that pain and suffering is never able to be alleviated.  It is unGodly pain.  It can of course be treated with drugs.  We read daily of American celebrities being treated with drugs and those drugs causing their deaths.  Oh how we love our pain killers.  The only way to stop pain is to change our life or to finally be allowed to Rest in Peace.  Pain killers are just that, killers.  Nasty usually slow killers but in the end they place us at rest.

As for having a biopsy carried out, that is always a fatal road to go down.  If a part of our body is inflamed the very silliest thing to do is cause the inflammation an injury.  Best to restore the body’s environment to remove the inflammatory response.  The body will look after itself.

Our trust is being abused and if someone outside the legal protections of medical dogma did as much damage to another person as they do, they would face goal.  

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