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The HEART. Our Powerful Emotional Brain.Posted on 27/07/2016

by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner

Heart Disease, Stoke, Blood Clots, Embolism, Stress, Fluoridated water, Vitamin & Nutrient uptake

We’ve survived another one. Well, most of us anyway. I’m talking about Heart Awareness Month. At the end of the first week I checked the Hatched, Matched and Dispatched column in the Saturday paper. It was a little longer than the previous weekend and longer the next and if we are to believe that a third of all deaths are heart ‘disease’ related we would have to conclude Heart Awareness Month has just been another medical failure.

Of course the advertising for this important event was kicked off with a heart surgeon giving us his pep talk. The usual bull, but this time with a personal spin. Well, more a flop than spin. He claimed how important it is that we all pay attention to the signs of an impending heart attack and just to emphasise this important information he told us his story, and as a heart specialist he should have many good stories: right. It turned out his story was truely pathetic. He was on his way to work at the hospital ready for another day of surgical butchery. As he approached his department’s area, suddenly he was struck down with a heart attack himself. Fortunately though he was at the right place at the right time. His colleagues wiped him into theatre and fixed him up with one of their spare devises they just happen to have on hand. Interestingly theatres have always been places of entertainment often life and death gladiatorial events, and doctors use these places for their specialised sport: Butchery

“Lucky” he said, “it all worked out fine”.

Did it? My impression of the whole episode was this was perhaps the dumbest certainly the most stupid story to beginning advertising Heart Awareness Month with. The man was, is, a medical heart specialist. If anyone follows ‘Heart Health’ advice from the Heart Foundation surely he would be that one. And it failed. Their advice must surely now be obvious to any thinking person that Heart Healthy advice is just crap. The bloody specialist suffered near death from his own specialty. There cannot be anything much dumber on the planet apart from announcing his own stupidity to the world on television.


First we have to understand what is the heart. It’s a pump, yes I know. But it’s a magical pump. It decides how much and how hard it must pump to allow the body to behave in the manner in which it can and wishes to behave. It ensures that the nutrients that make us human, happy or sad, loving or violent, calm or irrational, active or sleeping become ‘seen’ to be used. It feeds and feels every human desire, need and want as it is able. The heart gets all of its performance prompts from the store house of our nutritional intake available at the time, delivering them with exquisite breath-taking timing, volume and force and in doing so explains to the brain what parts of the body to send into action or withdraw from action. But the heart does so only when is free and healthy and oscillates in rhythms according to our emotional status. And the heart if not free to express our emotional state cannot ever be healthy.

When the brain controls the heart, eventually we die from heart disease. So receiving the values of love and respect at our parents knee primes this magical oscillating organ for us to have a beautiful life where we can do nothing but enhance the lives of others.

Our hearts are more powerful and more couscous of our needs and desires than is our brain. Our brain is mostly the processing centre yes but not the body’s ‘heart’. When we are in a natural psychological state of mind our heart oscillates according to need and mood, to our environment and to our loves and hates. The heart rhythm oscillates yet we’re ‘educated’ to accept a specific number for heart beats and for the blood pressure range as what is acceptable to science. We feed this information into our brain and our brain accepts the information and instructions and takes control of the ‘pump’ and in doing so removes our body’s magic. It is then just another pump to be played with, modified and replaced by someone; just not God. Today as we work our way through our education system we come out believing in life as some form of linear statistical process: inputs equal outputs less wastage etc. Yet life, any life, is never that.

Once we have these educated number counting fallacies firmly planted in our brain, our brain takes control ensuring the messages getting through establish a process where the brain entrains the heart. It controls the numbers to fit the mechanistic nature of medical dogma and these are enforced every time we visit the doctor, so our brain never gets to forget. The heart the most powerful of living things living on Planet Earth and is one of the most dangerous when under the control of a mechanistically linear trained brain. The heart that pounds when we are in love and entrains with the heart of those we love and are close to through common oscillation of our electromagnetic energy fields, and it slows when we sleep. It causes our blood to surge when angry and ebb when we relax when we are at peace and happy. It sends perfectly timed messages to every part of our body using our emotional knowetic energy to communicate trust and receive trust, send and receive love and ferret out deceit. We are emotional spiritual beings and when the heart is freely driving our life it entrains our brain to accept, complete and succeed at our desires, at our life. Therefore a doctors visit may be the single most dangerous thing we do to attract heart disease.

When the heart entrains the brain there is no stress and when the brain has entrained the heart our body becomes stressed out making sure the numbers count. This is the stress that causes heart disease, and meditation sets the heart free.

Stress is the single primary underlying factor in all heart disease and the second is nutrition. Our nutrition provides the chemical information that tells our body and our body’s bacteria what and how we are to think and behave if we are able to freely think and not have the brain interfering. The brain is to process and make good our emotional energy, thoughts and desires. Food nutrition provides our body’s energy with the information and resources as to when to fire, when to fight, when to flee and when to rest and it also provide the necessities for health, reproduction, mental clarity, spirituality, bacterial/viral balance and stability, wilfulness, judgement balance and fun. Food nutrition ‘connects’ us to all other living things. So a Judge taking medication or other drugs is not capable of making sound independent and reasoned judgements. It is not psychologically possible to do so because his/her body is not fully nutritionally stable so the brain and the heart is technically dysfunctional.

Actually the heart disease is no joke. It is a scam, so certainly is no joke. And then there is Stoke. The main cause of Stoke is our water. And that’s also no joke today. It’s water, not the lack of water but it’s the quality of our water and the volume that we drink in that is the main cause of Stroke and associated events.

Stroke, Blood Clots, Embolism

The major part of our nutrition is water. Water is a complex molecule which like all units of any living substance, has at its centre a vacuum. This with the electromagnetic energy that comes from the planet and when we are fully connected, spins the water into a vortex, the energy from which drives the water that makes up a large portion of our blood and other body fluids, around our body. This drives our nutrients around and removes waste from energy production in our bodies. This energy is enhanced when the water collects living nutrients as they also contain living cells at the centre of which is also a vacuum, together these combined vortexes provide the human body with its incredible health and energy. Water is the sole nutrient in our bodies that allows all nutrients to take effect and without water our bodies don’t exist.

The major issue that confronts us today is the quality of our water. All water, not just the water we drink, the moisture in the air and the water with which we grow all our food and which all others animals on the planet also use.

Clean pure water in a harmonious body forms beautiful and complex structures that capture vast quantities and varieties of nutritional chemicals which are then carried powerfully through the body. When the quality of the water changes the structure breaks down and waters energy dissipates. In some case completely fails and becomes lazy. When water energy becomes lazy, it is no longer able to carry nutrients although powerful toxic elements do appear to be able to attach themselves successfully. Lazy water creates lazy blood flows which increases the pressure required by the heart, an organ that can never fail under any normal conditions.

As nutrients fail to get around the body, toxic products still manage to do so as their energy is so much more explosive beyond the needs of any healthy body. Such is the fragile balance of proper nutrition.

In one of the experiments of Dr M Emoto, the worlds leading expert on water, was to photograph and record the behaviour of crystals of water molecules under a variety of conditions. He treated water with love and gratitude. He played a variety of different music to water to see how water reacted which he then photographed. He has tested water from cities around the world and he tested water that contained toxins such as commercial fluoride. All toxic products had a dramatic effect on the structure of the water and the most damaging it turned out was the fluoride. Fluoride when added to water totally depressed all visible signs of the water being able to form natural crystals more so than did the fallout from Hiroshima and Nagasaki following the atomic bombings. The crystals water creates are require for water to be able to transport nutrients. It is like trying to carry sand without hands or arms or a bucket. It appeared fluoride breaks down the structure of the water molecule eliminating the vacuum so that the water cannot form a vortex and therefore was completely devoid of energy. This was assumed to be due to fluoride not just being one of the most toxic elements known to man, it being a negative ionic product, appears therefore to completely destroy the electron balance of the waters molecules. This reduces the ability of the body to provide itself with nutrition from our food, a major cause of obesity.

The fluoride in toothpaste alone is sufficient in quantity to have a dramatic effect on heart/brain health just by being gathered up in the saliva in the mouth and from the mouth the fluoride has direct quick access to the brain.

The fact that fluoride and positive ionic toxins occur naturally in nature causing natural poisoning so we should avoid directly consuming any foods that contain these elements. Deliberately consuming any of these products in any quantity is simply a crime of complete stupidity but then medical drugs are little different in the long run. They are just at the lowest possible level of toxicity and so take some years usually to kick in long term.

Toxic products that eliminate the natural energy of water cause other deeper negative health and wellness outcomes. When the structure of water is weakened and flat the water fails to carry nutrients and in particular some of the more fragile nutrients such as the K and B vitamins. B vitamins and particularly B12 cannot be obtained from water with fluoride unless it is provided with different non-natural transport facilitation. This lack of B12 causes cell membranes particularly the Red Blood Cells (RBC’s) to lose their membranes strength and elasticity. While fluoride laden water allows the RBCs to clump together in the blood stream, the lack of prime function of the membrane due to B12 deficiency causes the cells to leak heavy minerals such as iron, selenium and manganese which in turn cause anaemic and other serious problems related to heart disease and reproduction.

The inability of the blood stream containing damaged water to allow the blood to retain healthy RBC’s and blood platelets in suspension causes them to clump together which is the sole cause of Stoke. The fact that our food is mostly nutritionally inadequate is a distant second cause of heart issues.

Stroke, blood clots and embolism are the sole responsibilities of our water quality. Added to these life threatening conditions should be added, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neural brain disorders. The major group of people at risk are the unborn children, the health nuts, the serious athletes, the gym bunnies and those drinking large quantities of fluoridated water, commercial milk, and soft drink that is low or zero sugar. Added natural nutrients to water such as beer, red wine, tea, coffee etc are beneficial as these added elements help fire up the digestive processes that assist the body, mainly the liver to eliminate much of todays toxic contaminants.

Filling our lives with love and gratitude along with beautiful chemical free food and water make all the talk and shonky claims of ‘food safe’ and safe levels of this manmade chemical and that toxic substance has been proven over the years, a farce. There is nothing else holding us back from being the healthiest and most naturally robust peoples in the world except for Government legal support of the corruption of our land, water and food and the enforced support of international food and life sciences which fill the universities with bullshit and turn out people educated to accept levels of legalised commercial criminal conspiracies just so that we are accepted by other ‘friendly’ countries.

New Zealand should aim to become world class leaders in keeping the peace and the health of its population and let others follow or falter in our wake. We banned the bomb and set the world an example. With a Government with courage we can do that again, but for us to do so we need leadership with fortitude and rid ourselves of the current crop of lackeys who have swamped political parties both here and across the globe. Currently all we see is New Zealand becoming a little America racked with crimes of murder, madness and hate.

For us to avoid heart disease the simple act of touching and caressing our loved ones ‘connects’ us to each other and helps keep us entrained emotionally so maintaining the natural oscillations of the heart over the brain. This also acts as a subconscious or subliminal conduit providing each other with emotional memory information that retains humanity, peace and harmony of spirit across the ages.

For us to reduce and possibly half the incidence of Stroke and similar events we have to eliminate toxins from our water, also from our environment and our food. These will be the most difficult to remove as the land used for farming has become so saturated with these chemicals and they leach through, attracting naturally occurring toxic elements found deep in the soils and clays. So their effects will continue for many years. The single most toxic substance whose toxicity to Man is up there with Barium and Uranium is Fluoride and removing that from all our water supplies may well have over time the effect of halving or further reducing the incidence of Stroke in New Zealand. An issue with Fluoride is that all water consumed on military bases, aircraft and ships is automatically poisoned with fluoride and so the fitter are our troops the more water they drink the more inclined they are to suffer death by Stroke in later life rather than die by gun fire on the job.

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